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Nos Produits

  • Duette Lentilles Hybrides

    Duette Lentilles Hybrides

    Transformer la vision de vos patients astigmates!
    Soyez sûr de vous, en vision de près comme de loin
  • Ultrahealth Lentilles Hybrides

    Ultrahealth Lentilles Hybrides

    La lentille hybride la plus avancée pour le kératocône

  • Autre Lentilles Hybrides

    Autre Lentilles Hybrides

    Une famille de lentilles de contact hybrides pour les patients à cornée normale et irrégulière
    Pour le traitement du kératocône et d'autres irrégularités cornéennes
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Certification & Formation

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Conseils des Optométristes

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testimonial1 Perhaps the most striking change that my patients have noticed when I have switched them from hard lenses to UltraHealth hybrid lenses is the improvement in comfort, both under normal circumstances and in dusty environments.
Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO
How SynergEyes has Made a Difference in My Practice
testimonial3 I find hybrids can be really great lenses for those early and moderate keratoconic patients...because it is bridging that gap - especially if they are familiar with soft contact lenses - into something new that's going to give them better vision.
Tiffany Andrzejewski, OD, FAAO

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